Dance Skeleton Dance!



A dancing skeleton and jump roping cat to brighten your day homies ❤

A Monster a Day: Week 3 (wee!)


I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I started this project! I think I am just surprised at myself for being so diciplined with creating these drawings. The more obsessed you are with a project, the easier it is to follow through I guess. And as you know, I am quite obsessed with these monsters. You would think that it would become harder to come up with new characters, but in fact, it gets easier every week. I think the constant practice forces you to tap into real life situations to find inspiration. Recently, I have been using the people around me for inspiration. My roommate and wonderfully quirky friend, Audrey, was the inspiration for my Audrey the Annie’s Mac-n-cheese monster. I basically summed her up in that character: always in a robe, always eating Annie’s Mac-n-cheese. Jorge the General Contractor is my dad, in monster form of course! It was his birthday last week, and I surprised him by making an unannounced trip back home to San Diego and drawing him in monster form.  Phil Filmus the Photo Nerd was a character my Photographer friend Gabriel Milori came up with (on Insta @gabrielmilori for some awesome car photography), and Phil sums up all of the photo nerds I went to school with. I actually probably should have made him a little more hipster, because you know, artists.

I just realized that last week I started from Day1 again when showing the second week of monsters. Just letting you know that it’s actually Day8-Day14. I could go back and fix it….but then I think I’m not a perfect blogger and you might as well get used to it.

Okay great! Thanks for all the support to whoever is following this creative journey of mine!

Much love and monsters,


ALSO! If anyone has ideas for a monster they want to see, go right ahead and comment some ideas! I will give credit for the name if I use them! Okaythankshomies. ❤

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