Week 6 and 7 Monster Illustrations


Yes, I am aware over Thanksgiving break, monsters were few and far between. Two whole days were spent driving up to NorCal, while the rest of the time I spent stuffing my face with pie and other various delicious things, and exploring the beautiful, green surrounding area. However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I did create some Thanksgiving themed monsters, so I wasn’t completely negleting my project. Now that my break is over, I am ready to get back into this monster madness and produce some really sweet designs. For those who don’t follow my Instagram (@the_monster_daily), a shirt with one of my monsters will be up for sale soon! It will be Sebastian of the Sea:

monsterseasrgb <—Isn’t he adorable?

I will update you guys again when it is up, but it will be up on http://www.misterdressup.com on the 11th!

I hope you guys like the direction these monsters are taking! So far I have created 42! Go me! 🙂

Much Love and Monsters,

Lex ❤

Week 5 of Monsters! THAT’S 35 MONSTERS :)



All I think about are monsters now. Which one should I create next? Should it have one eye? Wait, am I making too many one eyed monsters? HAHA no, no such thing. I’m obsessed with this project, mostly because it makes me so happy to create consistent work. I don’t feel like a bump on a log, or some burnt out artist waiting for inspiration to hit. I’m on a mission! But It’s almost to the point where its making me anxious I’m not spending all day at the computer or nose in a sketchbook bringing them to life. And I would hands down if that paid for my rent every month. One day….but until then I am continuing to create these guys day by day as my schedule allows. If you are following me on Instagram (@the_monster_daily), you may have noticed I disappeared for a few days. I went home to San Diego, did normal family outing things, and hardly had time to really put together a character or design. Such is life I suppose. But now it’s time to get back on track and (actually) create a monster every day!

You may have noticed a pretty drastic change in the look of my monsters. I am starting to use illustrator more and more, and I am definitely learning to love the pen tool. As many people know, that tool is seriously the most frustrating thing in Illustrator, but once I got the hang of it my monsters started to look pretty fresh I think 🙂 Since I want to eventually (at some point when I’m not broke) create a T-shirt company, I think it’s best to play in Illustrator as much as I can. I know I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

This was the last week of creating monsters for a T-shirt in a collaboration effort with @mstrdressup on Instagram. Now it’s time to ask my friends and followers of this project which is their favorite! Again, this design will only be up one month for purchase at http://www.misterdressup.com, and I will let you know when it’s ready!

I honestly have no idea which one is my favorite. You spend all this time creating these designs, and you are just happy it’s finally finished and ready to share 🙂 I hope you love them!

Much Love and Monsters,

Lex ❤

The Monster Daily T-Shirt Project!…plus other monster shenanigans


This week, my monster designs have definitely taken a turns towards a more graphic look. I recently paired up with @mstrdressup of Instagram on a collaboration project where I would send him one t-shirt design to be printed. For a month, you will be able to buy a t-shirt with my design off of his site http://www.misterdressup.com! Woo hoo! You could wear a sweet monster and support a little independent artist trying to make her way in life (aka me!). After I create a few more designs, I am going to have a vote on the favorite. I will let you guys know when the shirt is for sale 🙂 While you are no the site, all excited to purchase your very own monster shirt, you might as well browse through all the other sick designs made by artists all over the world.

With my designs shifting gears and all, I figured I might as well start focusing toward my own company in the making. I’ve been wanting to create shirt designs for a while, but you know….school and extreme lack of money seemed to hinder these goals. Now that I am out of school, I have more time for this project. I don’t have more money though. That’s a thing. Maybe I will start a Kickstarter campaign… lets just say this is going to be a process. More designs, more designs!

Am I rambling?

And not to deprive you of the other monsters from this past week…


I’ve been on this monster game for a month guys. Do the victory dance? Obv.

Much love and MONSTAAAAS,

Lex ❤

Dance Skeleton Dance!



A dancing skeleton and jump roping cat to brighten your day homies ❤

A Monster a Day: Week 3 (wee!)


I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I started this project! I think I am just surprised at myself for being so diciplined with creating these drawings. The more obsessed you are with a project, the easier it is to follow through I guess. And as you know, I am quite obsessed with these monsters. You would think that it would become harder to come up with new characters, but in fact, it gets easier every week. I think the constant practice forces you to tap into real life situations to find inspiration. Recently, I have been using the people around me for inspiration. My roommate and wonderfully quirky friend, Audrey, was the inspiration for my Audrey the Annie’s Mac-n-cheese monster. I basically summed her up in that character: always in a robe, always eating Annie’s Mac-n-cheese. Jorge the General Contractor is my dad, in monster form of course! It was his birthday last week, and I surprised him by making an unannounced trip back home to San Diego and drawing him in monster form.  Phil Filmus the Photo Nerd was a character my Photographer friend Gabriel Milori came up with (on Insta @gabrielmilori for some awesome car photography), and Phil sums up all of the photo nerds I went to school with. I actually probably should have made him a little more hipster, because you know, artists.

I just realized that last week I started from Day1 again when showing the second week of monsters. Just letting you know that it’s actually Day8-Day14. I could go back and fix it….but then I think I’m not a perfect blogger and you might as well get used to it.

Okay great! Thanks for all the support to whoever is following this creative journey of mine!

Much love and monsters,


ALSO! If anyone has ideas for a monster they want to see, go right ahead and comment some ideas! I will give credit for the name if I use them! Okaythankshomies. ❤

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Week 2 of Monsters! Woohoo!


Another whole week has gone by and I have kept up with this monster madness (mostly). Polly the Procrastinator was created the day after she was supposed to be made, hence her name…in my defense I had a shoot and had to go to Costco, and we all know how much time that can take.

I’m one of those people that plan my day around Costco trips. As much as I love my monsters, sometimes they just have to wait…but it won’t happen often! I promise! Please enjoy this second week of monsters 🙂

For those who aren’t following already, for a monster a day follow @the_monster_daily on Instagram!

Thanks for all the support homies!

Much love and Monsters,


The Creative Project Begins! Monster Madness Week 1


This week marks the start of something new and exciting for me! I decided to take my monsters from notebook pages and the margins of documents I deem sketch-able, to the internet. This blog holds me accountable for the drawings I should be creating anyway. My hope is that these monsters bring you joy in all their quirkiness, and perhaps you see yourself in them. Everything I see in the real world influences the creations in this one. I mean, both worlds are real to me…but I’m weird and that’s okay.

Follow this blog for a new 7 monsters every week! If you can’t wait that long, follow my Instagram account @the_monster_daily for a new monster EVERY DAY! Woo hoo!

Thanks for all the support homies! I can’t wait to show you what little guys I sketch up next!

Much love and monsters,