Introductions aside, follow this blog for more monsters every week! I started this creative project because I have such a passion for creating little characters and bringing life to something otherwise left in in the deep corners of my brain. I am a 21 year old artist who decided to go to photo school. I graduated happy with my decision, but now want to put the effort into another medium that makes me just as happy: illustration (specifically monsters, obviously). Hopefully this project will get some traction, but for now, I’m just happy to add more little guys to my growing family of monster drawings. I am even more happy to share them with you guys! Enjoy!

Much love and monsters,



You can even follow my monster creations DAILY! What? I know, the excitement is too much to bear…just follow @the_monster_daily on Instagram!

Interested in my other work? Head over to my other blog The Beat of My Art

Contact: lexgallegos@gmail.com


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