Week 6 and 7 Monster Illustrations


Yes, I am aware over Thanksgiving break, monsters were few and far between. Two whole days were spent driving up to NorCal, while the rest of the time I spent stuffing my face with pie and other various delicious things, and exploring the beautiful, green surrounding area. However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I did create some Thanksgiving themed monsters, so I wasn’t completely negleting my project. Now that my break is over, I am ready to get back into this monster madness and produce some really sweet designs. For those who don’t follow my Instagram (@the_monster_daily), a shirt with one of my monsters will be up for sale soon! It will be Sebastian of the Sea:

monsterseasrgb <—Isn’t he adorable?

I will update you guys again when it is up, but it will be up on http://www.misterdressup.com on the 11th!

I hope you guys like the direction these monsters are taking! So far I have created 42! Go me! 🙂

Much Love and Monsters,

Lex ❤

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