Week 5 of Monsters! THAT’S 35 MONSTERS :)



All I think about are monsters now. Which one should I create next? Should it have one eye? Wait, am I making too many one eyed monsters? HAHA no, no such thing. I’m obsessed with this project, mostly because it makes me so happy to create consistent work. I don’t feel like a bump on a log, or some burnt out artist waiting for inspiration to hit. I’m on a mission! But It’s almost to the point where its making me anxious I’m not spending all day at the computer or nose in a sketchbook bringing them to life. And I would hands down if that paid for my rent every month. One day….but until then I am continuing to create these guys day by day as my schedule allows. If you are following me on Instagram (@the_monster_daily), you may have noticed I disappeared for a few days. I went home to San Diego, did normal family outing things, and hardly had time to really put together a character or design. Such is life I suppose. But now it’s time to get back on track and (actually) create a monster every day!

You may have noticed a pretty drastic change in the look of my monsters. I am starting to use illustrator more and more, and I am definitely learning to love the pen tool. As many people know, that tool is seriously the most frustrating thing in Illustrator, but once I got the hang of it my monsters started to look pretty fresh I think 🙂 Since I want to eventually (at some point when I’m not broke) create a T-shirt company, I think it’s best to play in Illustrator as much as I can. I know I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

This was the last week of creating monsters for a T-shirt in a collaboration effort with @mstrdressup on Instagram. Now it’s time to ask my friends and followers of this project which is their favorite! Again, this design will only be up one month for purchase at http://www.misterdressup.com, and I will let you know when it’s ready!

I honestly have no idea which one is my favorite. You spend all this time creating these designs, and you are just happy it’s finally finished and ready to share 🙂 I hope you love them!

Much Love and Monsters,

Lex ❤

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