The Monster Daily T-Shirt Project!…plus other monster shenanigans


This week, my monster designs have definitely taken a turns towards a more graphic look. I recently paired up with @mstrdressup of Instagram on a collaboration project where I would send him one t-shirt design to be printed. For a month, you will be able to buy a t-shirt with my design off of his site! Woo hoo! You could wear a sweet monster and support a little independent artist trying to make her way in life (aka me!). After I create a few more designs, I am going to have a vote on the favorite. I will let you guys know when the shirt is for sale 🙂 While you are no the site, all excited to purchase your very own monster shirt, you might as well browse through all the other sick designs made by artists all over the world.

With my designs shifting gears and all, I figured I might as well start focusing toward my own company in the making. I’ve been wanting to create shirt designs for a while, but you know….school and extreme lack of money seemed to hinder these goals. Now that I am out of school, I have more time for this project. I don’t have more money though. That’s a thing. Maybe I will start a Kickstarter campaign… lets just say this is going to be a process. More designs, more designs!

Am I rambling?

And not to deprive you of the other monsters from this past week…


I’ve been on this monster game for a month guys. Do the victory dance? Obv.

Much love and MONSTAAAAS,

Lex ❤

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